Projects – Rice


Our special thanks to the Dining for Women Foundation.  Without your generous sacrifice we would not have been so successful in helping the women of Dong Ha on this trip.  Your $2,655 is the largest grant we have yet to receive.


During this trip the Vietnamese Hope Foundation gave out more than 10,000 pounds of first grade rice to less fortunate women in the village of Dong Ha.  Each qualified family received a 110 pound bag that cost $17.95 USD.  This will feed each family for months and months.  It was necessary to meet with the Mayor and government officials who oversaw the distribution of rice and kept records.


As well, we awarded $100 grants to fifteen widows who are in special need, sent one women to six months of trade school, fixed one house, and awarded a grant to a women who just lost her father and husband in a tragic bus accident.  In addition to all this, we awarded our fourth year grant of $1,500 and a laptop computer to a student we are putting through college in the city of Hue.  At this time we picked up another well qualified young girl to begin preparations for her college entrance examinations.  She received $500.  Her family is very poor and she is extremely smart; so we are investing in her.



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