Projects – Blind Workers

The Foundation has been helping a group of very poor blind people who are trained in pressure point massage and licensed by the government.  Even though they cannot see they are very skilled.  We heard of this skilled group and wanted to meet them.  They all live together and only earn $4 an hour when they have work and of that they only get to keep about $1 an hour.  

We discovered they did not have hot water, heat, or air conditioning.  We only travel to Vietnam every two years and each trip we help.  We hired people to install a steam room, hot & cold water for a shower, and heat/AC for the massage rooms.  We hire people to install the required equipment so we can see it.  We don’t just hand them the money.  Last trip we saw a baby.  We gave them heat as it can get very cold in the winter.  The heat also allows them to continue working in the winter as it would otherwise be too cold for massages and therefor no clients.  

There are several more rooms that need these heat/AC units.  Each unit cost about $500 installed.  The massage beds are all lined up together.  Some rooms have two beds, some three, and some rooms have five.   There is always one person who can see to setup the rooms and do the bookings.  On our next trip we have three rooms to install and your donation will help make this possible.  These are wonderful hard working people.  Some were blind at birth, and some became blind during childhood.  These people range in ages from twenty to forty.  There are more but we have no gotten to them yet.  They all have to work to survive.  There is no government help like here in the U.S.  There are other people who donate to them.  Things like food, clothing, and blankets.